Hemant Bisht, Sushma Gairola


Since, literacy is the first and foremost factor influencing to human resource development and education is birth-right of each and every child, so it is important to ensure the universalization of elementary education by implementing agencies. The State of Uttarakhand has been considered centre of education and learning from the ancient times. The major concern in Uttarakhand is to provide quality education in remote hilly areas with practically no accessibility. In this perspective, creation of a comprehensive database for educational planning and mapping of the primary and secondary schools of the State is the need of the hour. Geospatial tools like Remote Sensing (RS), Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) have immensely demonstrated their capabilities as powerful tools for mapping of infrastructure, public amenities as well as natural resources and also helped in mapping of schools in the State. GIS database provides comprehensive framework and organization of spatial as well as non-spatial data and has become a vital tool to aid planning and decision making. Mapping of an educational institution along with the information of administrative boundary and biophysical layers such as major road network, rivers and major settlements provides the ground reality in terms of geographic coverage and socio-economic status. The development of GIS has been greatly influenced by Information Technology (IT) which changes GIS from mainframe GIS System to Desktop GIS System to Web-GIS System. E-governance promotes the deployment of new technology for the better operation of Local Authorities. Web based GIS helps to meet the requirements of E-Government via geographical data sharing within the organization and with the outside world. With web based GIS Local Authorities may enhance their operations by improving efficiency within the organization and building positive relations with its citizens or visitors. In a view to promote Good Governance in the State, USAC is initiating various programs regarding Natural resource Management, Societal Development and Infrastructural Development for the State. In this direction, School Mapping Program in the State has been carried out by Uttarakhand Space Application Centre (USAC) in collaboration with Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan, Uttarakhand.


Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS, School Mapping Program, Proximity Analysis, Web-GIS, DSS

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